Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Creative

I utilized my time this holiday break to create some new units of study for subtraction and contractions.  I found some really cute clipart on ScrappinDoodles.com and KMPDesigns on Etsy.  You can look at these units on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I will post a link under the pictures.  My husband has called this my new obsession.  I think he is hoping it will replace Pinterest, but I told him not a chance!  It, however, is a lot of fun. 

Here is my cooking-themed contractions mini-unit: 

Look at a sample or purchase the mini-unit TPT Link or Teacher's Notebook.
The other unit I worked on is Subtraction Sufari. It is based off of Common Core Math Standard 1.OA.6 which is basically adding and subtracting to 20.  Here are some samples and links: 

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