Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Toy and What's Coming

I am sorry those that tried to find my freebies from my last post and couldn't.   I took them down.  I had bad feedback on both so I took them down.  I was really bummed out about it actually. I was trying to share some things my students really enjoyed, but all it did was bring my ratings down. :(  People can be so harsh sometimes and a little ungrateful.  Oh well, no one's perfect.

Just a heads up about what I am working on.  My 2nd graders have been working on place value off and on all year.  Some still don't quite get the expanded form portion, so I am creating a mini-unit to help out. I am currently in the middle of a MacDonald's Farm board game.  I will post when I am finished. I am making sure it is Common Core aligned as well.

I splurged on a new toy.  I am having a lot of fun using my Wacom Bamboo. It has been so much fun trying it out. For the uninformed, it is an electronic tablet that has a pin that lets you draw on your computer.  I hope to learn it a little bit better so I can create some of my own clipart and stop paying for it. 

Happy Sunday!  I am off to work on my unit and play with the Bamboo. 



  1. I'm so sorry you got some bad reviews! I honestly hadn't even had time to look at it, so I'm not sure what is was about. Chin up, and keep plowing ahead. I'm new to the blogging world and TPT also. I hope things get better and that you have a great week!


  2. Thanks, Cynthia. It's just frustrating as I am trying to be helpful, but people are being hurtful. Oh well, people can judge for themselves. Have a good week, too!