Saturday, April 21, 2012

Food in the Classroom?

Do you have a view on food in the classroom?  I am talking about food for all sorts of reasons.  This includes for projects, snacks, or even parties. Maybe your school has a policy. I know that some districts have strict policies on this.

My school has a healthy snack policy, but it doesn't carry over much into the treat area.  With all of the gluten-free and allergen-free diets these days, I am hesitant to bring in any food at all.  I have definitely scaled back.  My first year I gave away Hershey's Kisses like there was no tomorrow as rewards.  Nowadays, I try to stick to stickers or non-material rewards.  I do like the occasional popcorn party.

But I look at the birthday treats that the kids bring around these days.  They are the two layer, heavily iced cookie cakes, giant Pixie-Stixand the like.  I think that we send the kids mixed messages when we don't let them eat candy and the like during snack, but allow it for treats.  I am just as guilty of it lately with my candy experiments. 

I am extremely careful when it comes to food allergens and diabetes.  I read the packaging and talk to the student and their parents when I am unsure.

Anyways, this just was on my mind as I have a class party coming up.  Please chime in with your thoughts.

Do you have an opinion on the use of food in the classroom? 


  1. I think food is a tough topic. You have to think about all of the allergies and the healthy factor. But then again, I feel like kid should be able to have a cupcake for snack on their birthday.

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  2. While I can't control what my kidlets bring to school to eat for lunch, I do have a filled fruit bowl in my class and our rule is healthy food before treats. No healthy food: no treat. We all enjoy a bit of a treat every once in a while if healthy food is eaten most of the time. My 2 cents.

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  3. Our school has a policy of what students can bring to parties, but lunch and snack the students can bring whatever they like. I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...