Saturday, April 14, 2012

Math Intervention Programming

Today's post is more in the form of a question in which I would love people to answer in the comments section.  I have been given the task to start researching math intervention programs. My school uses ReadNaturally and ReadLive for reading, but we really don't have anything for elementary math. So I am researching some programs, but of course those programs are biased in their marketing.  I want to know what REAL teachers (not the companies selling the programs) think.

What does your school/district use for remedial math interventions?  Any suggestions or things to stay away from would be greatly appreciated!   


  1. Sorry, I don't teach math, so I don't have anything to add. But I am curious to see what others tell you that they are using for math interventions as my school needs this too for RTI.
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  2. Math interventions are tough. Our school did use mClass Math for progress monitoring. It has 2 minute tests in a variety of areas, and I did find it to be a useful kind of data. I didn't have a program to use for intervening, though. Sorry!

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  3. Lori and Jenny, thanks for checking in. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions. PS I love both of your blogs!