Friday, May 11, 2012

Common Core

We have been MAP testing around here like crazy the past week, and it got me thinking about the Common Core.  Some have already started implementing it at my school and MAP has already integrated Common Core questions.   K and 1 started this year; we start next year school-wide. 

I have heard mixed reviews.  Having not fully implemented it yet, my verdict is still out, but I would love to hear your opinion.  One thing I am excited about is that there is now a "national" curriculum, so it allows for collaboration and consistency country-wide. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel it's a good thing, or do you feel it's another initiative that is good in theory, but not so great in practice (my view of NCLB!)? 

Happy Friday!



  1. I personally think it is a great thing for our whole country to be on the same page. I never liked how people would move to a different state and not be held up to the stay expectations as the other state. I think with these standards more teachers will collaborate and hopefully our students will get smarter and smarter.


  2. I have been working very closely with our school, our district, and the state to re-align our pacing guides and curriculum to the CCSS. After all of the training and now being a part of the process, I have to say that these are the best standards I have worked with in my career. The specificity of the standards makes it very easy for teachers to pinpoint exactly where and what you need to teach. To see the alignment process you can go to for standards and lessons. Good Luck!

  3. Love the idea of everyone being on the same page. Standards that are easier to understand, concise and build up for each grade level. I don't want to think it's another initiative that we will all work so hard on only to see it gone in 5 years. I'm also concerned about the NWEA and MEAP not reflecting the new standards.