Saturday, May 19, 2012


Endings are so hard.  They can sneak up at you out of no where or can never seem to be in sight.  This school year's end seemed all elusive until this week when it came roaring in.  

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer break.  It is that time to step back, decompress, relax, and rev up for the next school year.  But endings are endings. 

Our students will move on into someone else's hands.  This is a good thing, but sometimes, it's like birds leaving the nest.  It's hard to let them spread their wings with someone new.  We seem to just get them figured out and it's time to release them.

There are goodbyes that are hard to say.  You have been their school "mom" or "dad"for the past year.  You have helped them tie their shoes, learn their addition and subtraction facts, helped them stand up to that other kid on the playground, etc.  You have been who they turn to in that bond between teacher and student.   You've had your ups and downs, your smiles and frowns, laughs and probably a few tears, too.  You've pushed them to new heights and now it's time to let go. 

It's the letting go that's hard to do, because you too will have new adventures that will lead back to this exact point once again.  Here's to endings and new beginnings!

Happy (or bittersweet) end of the school year! 


  1. It is bittersweet! You grow close in the narrow confines of our classrooms over 8 months :)


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  2. I agree, it can be bittersweet! We have taught them for the year in preparation to for them to be ready to move on to the next grade. But sometimes it is hard to let them go!
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