Thursday, May 8, 2014

Defying Expectations

After finishing up a disabilities unit last week, the other 4th grade teachers and I decided to share this moving video (which happens to be a Powerade commerical) with our students.  We had just had another teacher's brother who was born with cerebral palsy come to talk to the students about the challenges he faced and overcame.

Well, long story short, the student, who I would have thought would be the must unsympathetic because of all of the hard knocks he himself had been through, was moved to tears.  I felt really horrible for pegging him as not being able to empathize with either the speaker or Nico in this video.   It goes to show that people will surprise you each and every day.

It's fitting that the title of the video is defying expectations as that is what this student did for me.

Take a minute (or 2) and watch this inspiring video.  You might have a student that needs some uplifting or encouragement.


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