Sunday, March 4, 2012

So editing is in my blood.  I edited my high school year book for three years, have a BA in English, and worked as an English and Reading teacher for three years. I still tutor students in Shurley English at my school.  I do miss teaching the nitty gritty of the mechanics. At least I am still exposed to it.  This weekend I worked on a set of editing posters for my class.  One of my cooperating teachers during my master's degree program told me about the mnuemonic device CUPS. It stands for Capitalization, Understanding, Punctuation, and Spelling.  It helps the students remember the different areas to remember to edit.  Here are some examples of what I put together.  You can find two versions of these at my TeachersNotebook and TeachersPayTeachers shops. Shameless plugs I know! 

 You can see the difference between the two above.  One set has squiggles and the other has dots.  You can download these here or here for a buck for the whole set of 4 posters!

  The borders are from

 Graphics  From the Pond

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