Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break

So it's finally here.  Time for some relaxation and getting things done I have been putting off like cleaning my home, planting my garden, and maybe actually reading a book!  Last year at this time I had read at least four good books including three of Ken Follet's epics as well as The Help.  We had at least 4 snow days.  Snow days count this year = 0.  I just wanted one!  But I really can't complain with the weather we've had here this winter.

I don't know about everyone else, but this break couldn't come at a better time. It's beginning to look like spring for one thing, but also it seems like the kids and teachers all need a break from each other.  Love the kids to death, but they are getting restless and that in turn makes management a little tougher.  I have been including more brain breaks.  My favorite lately has been the I've Got Mail game.  It's like musical chairs only the person that is "it" tells the students "I've got mail for anyone who is ..." and chooses a characteristic of the others.  It could be what their wearing, their favorite food, the color of their hair, etc.  I only allow students to walk, but they move to a seat that is not their seat or the one directly next to them.  I also make sure that they are polite to each other.  No name calling, bad humor, etc.  They request this one quite a bit.  I also play a lot of Teacher May I. 

Well off to plant my seeds!  Happy almost Spring! 

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